The Washington County Deputy Sheriff's Association no longer uses Telemarketing for fundraising. We listened to your comments and ended our contract with our Telemarketing Agent. If you receive any Telemarketing calls and the person represents themselves as a member of The Washington County Deputy Sheriff's Association, West Bend, WI hang up the phone. You will not receive any phone calls from us asking for donations. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us.

We are a 501 (C)3 Organization and your contributions may be tax deductible.

What We Use Your Donations For:

  1. Community Outreach.
    We donate to community organizations that assist us professionally or benefit the community or people in a positive way.
  2. Safety Equipment.
    Deputies rely on safety equipment essential to our survival. This safety equipment is expensive and typically not issued by the employer. In March of 2012, The WCDSA reimbursed members up to 75% of the cost of vests to protect us from rifle fire.
  3. Investments.
    We invest a small amount into an account that helps retired members offset the cost of retirement. Law Enforcement officers typically have to retire much earlier than the general public. It would not be in the best interests of the community to require older Deputies to chase down and fight with young adults.
  4. Training.
    We have sent members of our Deputy Sheriff's Association to training events.
  5. Scholarship Program.
    We offer Two $1400.00 annual scholarship to college bound students that qualify, who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Contact Information

Washington County DSA
PO Box 722
West Bend, WI 53095-0722
Email: Contact Us

Phone: (262) 346-1110
* We are not always readily available by phone.

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