2012.05.2012 Press Release

2012.05.2012 Press Release

On todays date, our organization discovered that a group calling themselves “Wisconsin County Police Association” is soliciting donations by telephone in Washington County. A citizen approached a Washington County Deputy Sheriff informing him they had a donation ready for our association. The citizen believed they were donating to our organization. Our association does not solicit donations via telephone.

It is important to know who you are donating to. Never give any personal information over the phone such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN’s), social security numbers or any other information you deem valuable.

Our Association used to contract with a Telemarketing company for fundraising. After receiving many complaints we let our contract expire. We are beginning to solicit donations via mail flyers, website and newspaper ads. With this method our solicitation is easier for citizen’s to verify. For more information about our fundraising please go to http://washcodeputy.org/index.php/about/fundraising

James FrankowPresident
Washington County Deputy Sheriff's Association

Crime Prevention
2012.03.01 Press Release

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